Cum dumpster Stripper training

cum dumpster

I make my living as a cum dumpster and a hot coke whore. I also run the new strippers and teach them how it works at The KitKat fully nude lounge. We get some nice prime ass and I always pick out the trashiest bitches that will do well in the VIP rooms and parking lot. The true whores who will swallow all the cum a cock has and wipe her lips before going right to the next cock. I met a young barely legal big titted bitch last night and she looked the part of cheap whore. SHe asked about backroom specials before I even brought it up. Turns out she was fresh off the streets doing tricks and had been roughed up. So she decided once she was legal to become a stable whore stripper. I would lead her to the back in one of my many hot stripper stories and enjoy her body as A tease for new clients with a cum loads ready to spend on her ass. Fresh meat and a seasoned whore will do just fine here!

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