Cum dumpster for my drugs

Cum dumpsterI’ve been teaching my little sister that the best way to get all the drugs in the world that you want is to suck and fuck your dealer’s dick like there’s no tomorrow. She’s still a young slut in the making so thankfully i’m able to be a really big influence on her. The way she looks up to me like I am the sexiest, nastiest druggy whore out there gives me the motivation to continue to be the filthiest cum dumpster around! My cunt is constantly filled with dealer dick cum, i’m never not gushing out with some drug-spiked cock juice! I love hoeing myself out and being the ultimate slut as I do whatever the fuck is necessary for me to get my much needed high. All the dealers love me, they can’t get enough and they know that i’m always down for anything and everything. My sexy legs stay spread open wide so that they can lick my cunt and make me squirt cum all over their face as I snort down some lines of delicious blow. I look so damn good while getting fucked up, that’s what keeps these dealers come running back to me all the fucking time, they can’t get enough of how tasty I am! I’ll bring my little sis with me to do my drug deals so that she can witness first hand what it takes to score big with these naughty druggies. The higher I get, the hornier I become and they love it. The best part is that all of their cocks are fucking huge which makes me pussy even wetter just thinking about it! I love having my body used and abused in the name of attaining my delicious drugs. My cum filled cunt is overflowing with dozens and dozens of different dealer’s cum, I don’t even know who’s fluids belong to who! My hot pussy is a creampie paradise.

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