Playing With My Son

White trash phone sexI brought home porn magazines for my son today. I wanted to watch him jerk off in front of me. Before I joined in and finished him off. We have always been a close family. I was my son’s first lay. He was not shocked by my demand at all, he knew what was coming next. I got him girl on girl porn mags and we were making comments on how hot those girls looked fucking each other. His dick was in his hand and he was stroking it. I love to watch him play with himself. Makes my cunt nice and juicy. I grabbed his balls and was massaging them. Squishing them softly in my hand. Hearing him moan as I take my lips and wrap it around his dick mushroom shaped head. And slid it on down that tasty shaft of his. He was still stroking as I was sucking. His pre-cum so fucking yummy. I got greedy and started going faster wanting all that cum of his deep in my throat. Finally I got what I was working for. His yummy tasting slimy thick jizz exploding in my mouth.

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