Cum Dumpster for Life

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster. There is no shame in that either. Most women won’t swallow, let alone let a gang of men bukkake on her face. I love cum. That means I will eat it and wear it. Cum is the hallmark of a dirty whore. Last night, I partied with a bunch of teen boys. We were drunk and high which equals horny. The party was at my house because I am the party destination for teen boys on the weekends. Teen boys have more fun with an old milf than young girls. That is because we do the shit they don’t. I was letting all those boys spray their jizz all over my face and tits. They lambasted me too. I was happy for the jet streams of cum all over my body. Cum is my anti-aging cream. A few good douses a week and I stay looking great. Those boys emptied their tanks a few times on me too. Young schoolgirls won’t party with them, this trashy milf will! Any smart older woman knows teen boys have the stiffest cocks and the most cum in their balls.

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