Cum Dumpster Cougar

cum dumpsterDo you like a cum dumpster girl? How about a cum dumpster cougar? I was raised on cum. At least that is what I joke about because I love being covered in so much jizz I can barely see.  I had an impromptu bukkae party this morning. I was up really late last night partying. Strike of midnight and no one was around to fuck. No problem for a sexy old whore. I stripped naked, sat on my couch with my pussy spread in front of my big window. I made sure to turn on all the lights so my hot body was well illuminated. The bus stop is at the corner of my block so all the 2nd shift workers who work at the local factory come home around 12 am and walk right past my place on their way home to their trailers. I hit the jackpot last night. About 20 something swing shift workers horny as fuck. They rushed into my trailer once they saw I was open for business.  I fell to my knees in a tizzy over where to begin.  I unzipped as many pants as I could so I could get at those nice cum filled balls. I could only stroke so many at a time, but luckily the guys were so horny to turn me into a cum dumpster that they were pulling out their own cocks and stroking for me. My daughter walked in on the middle of my circle jerk and had a brilliant idea. She got out her old sit and spin toy for me. I knelt down on it and twirled around as cocks jet blasted me in the face and tits. She is so clever. Once I was coated in a gallon of man cum, my daughter helped her mommy guzzle up all that spunk. It was a real mother and daughter bonding moment.

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