Dirty, Filthy, Nasty!


dirty phone sex

My anniversary of officially becoming a total nasty fucking whore is cumming up. This is a special day to me! It happened what, 5 years ago? I was super young, doing an internship at one of the local places up the road. I took my job seriously but I definitely also dressed to impress. It didn’t take long to start getting attention from my boss. He liked what he saw and he wanted me BAD! I loved the attention and teased him all the time, making sure he knew what he couldn’t have because I was ‘too young’. But that ended up NOT stopping him! One day it was just us in the office, he called me in the back and asked me if I wanted a PAID internship…what could I say? I of course asked him to sign me up for it but he told me there were a few conditions. I needed to fuck him (which I had already seen coming). . . but then he said there was more. That’s when he told me I’d have to just find out. We were really getting into things while I sucked his cock, but suddenly a warm flow of liquid started to flow out of his cock and into my mouth. He told me if I wanted it to work for it! So I just took his piss all in my mouth and all over my face. He wasn’t done, he wanted to be so dirty that I could never tell anyone what I did. He had me shit on him, he shit on me… he even made me puke on his cock and eat it. I did it all because I really wanted that raise! And now all I know how to do is be fucking nasty, filthy and dirty.

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