Cum Dumpster Carmel

Black girl phone sex Carmel

I got off the stage sweaty from popping my pussy and making my ass cheeks clap. I drove the men crazy tonight. Now I’m thirsty, and it’s not for water. I survey the room, looking for a lucky man to take to the champagne room. I need to suck a big cock. I need to taste that sweet, sticky milk. I choose one of my regulars, Tony. Tony has a 9 inch dick, and his cum could fill a bucket. I grab him by th hand and lead him to the champagne room. I sit him on the sofa and drop to my knees. I pull his huge cock out of his pants, and lick it up and down like it’s a melting popsicle. I wrap my lips around the head, and roll my tongue around the tip. Tony likes for me to take my time. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. I’m very skilled in tongue play. Tony’s so hard, his cock is throbbing. I look up and see his face, his eyes are rolling back. That’s when I take the whole cock into my mouth. I suction his dick like a hoover. I hold his dick in my hand and I start stroking and sucking…stroking and sucking. I want him inside my throat. I drop my hand and take his whole dick into my mouth. His cock touches the back of my throat and I gag slightly. The gagging noise sends Tony over the edge and milky cum shoots down my throat. I drink it up like a vampire drinking blood. I don’t waste a drop. I’m a cum dumpster.

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