Audrey Blows The Homies

Druggy phone sex Audrey

I ran out of coke and money yesterday, but I needed to get high. I got drunk as hell (drinking a whole pint of vodka) hoping it would lessen my craving for the nose candy, but it didn’t. I turn into a real bitch when I can’t get high. I put on my shortest mini-skirt with my 6 inch heels, and drove to Jamaal’s house. Jamaal is my dealer. He has the best cocaine. I pulled up to his house and his drive-way was full of cars…his homeboys were there. I walked in and all eyes were on me. I already knew what I had to do…I walked over to Jamaal and dropped to my knees. I pulled his big cock out in front of his friends and started sucking. “Damn!”, they all said in unison. I sucked his cock until he pulled and shot cum all over my face. I looked around and noticed some of his homies were filming the whole thing. I looked into the cameras and with cum sliding down my face, I smiled and asked, “who’s next?”. I stayed there until I blew all of the homies. I sucked dick until my jaw hurt. Hey, I did what I had to do. And I’m not ashamed. I walked out of there with an ounce of coke and a sore jaw.

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