Cum Dumpster Beverly is the Belle of the Lot Lizard Skanks

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I do not need a holiday to celebrate that I am a cum whore, but long weekends are always busy times at the truck stop. I am a lot lizard. And according to the truckers, I am like a primo skank. The most coveted piece of ass at the truck stop will always be me. That is because I am not a meth head. I don’t do smack either. I am a vintage coke whore. Those are hard to find theses days in the era of designer and prescription drugs. I do not mess with Fentanyl or Oxy. That shit makes your body ugly quickly. I am just an old-fashioned druggy porn star who takes pride in her body. I want to luck good while fucking, but more importantly, I want men to want to fuck me. And last night at the truck stop, they were all fucking me. The other whores were not happy. Not my fault they did not look as good as me. They were all younger than me too. That went to my head a bit if I am being honest. I love showing up the lot lizard whores.

I had never seen that many trucks in the bay over a holiday weekend. Never. I know I was not the reason they were there. I was the reason, however, that they stayed so long instead of getting back on the road. My truck stop has shower bays and a restaurant, but this blonde trashy milf is the main reason that truckers stayed longer. I was cab hopping. I would fuck one trucker and do some coke with him, then bounce to the other trucker and have some fun with him. I did about twenty-five truckers last night. Some were black, some were white. All were horny for this old broad. And I was horny for their cum.

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