Cum Dumpster Beverly Always Says Thank You with Great Head

cum dumspeterA cum dumpster has no pride. When you love cum as much as I do, there is nothing you will not do to get as much of it as you can. I went to the mall on Monday. Honestly, I was not looking for cock. My daughter and I wanted to exchange some gifts and buy a few Christmas items on sale for next year. Maybe pick up some sexy new outfits. In Florida, we do not stand out that much. Skinny blonde skanks, men can spot anywhere in this state. But we went to the high-end mall. There we stood out in our matching daisy dukes, high heel shoes, and tube tops.

If it was the 70s, we might not stand out much. Nah. Who am I kidding. A blonde whore and her daughter dressed like us stands out in any generation and any place too. My daughter thought she might be able to snag us a sugar daddy to pay for our loot. I was not sure in a high-end mall if we would be anyone’s type. Plus, we both are a bit too old for the sugar baby thing. But my daughter said she can get any man to buy her shit for her. She even bet me an hour of cunt licking she could find a man to buy both our loot.

I Always Say Thank You with Some Fine Head

So, I let her show me how she does it. Watching her in action flirt with old men made my pussy wet. Sure, enough she got a guy to buy our loot and get us lunch too. But I am not from the same generation. A man does something nice for me, I want to return the favor. He likely wanted my daughter more, but he settled on me. I took him into the restaurant mall bathroom and blew him. He had a wedding ring on that he tried to hide. But I told him not to bother.

I am a trailer trash whore on my knees in a mall bathroom blowing a stranger who just bought my daughter and I a bunch of clothes. I was not looking to date him. This was just me saying thanks. He sprayed my face and coated the back of my throat with his chunky spunk. I licked what I could see, and we went back to our table. Although I had cock breath, I did not care. My daughter knew what I did. Likely the waitress did too because I had cum in my hair I missed.

Although I like the idea of getting something for nothing, I do not think it is my style. I still need to say thank you with my fuck holes for any solid done for me. When we got home, I ate my daughter’s snatch for 30 mins to pay up on my bet. I may not be a woman of high moral code, but I always say thank you by being a cum guzzling slut. And I never squelch on my bets.

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