Cum Dumpster

cum dumpster

I have been craving cum like crazy today, and I want it all over me since I’m such a nasty cum eating whore. So I walked over to a bar in a black neighborhood and asked a group of men if they would all take turns cumming on my face since I love the taste of black cock cum.

They agreed so we all went to the men’s bathroom and each guy pulled out there cock. I laid down on the ground with my mouth open as each guy worked they’re cock over my face. I smiled and giggled with my mouth open as I waited anxiously to see which of the seven guys would fill my mouth up with cum first. What I didn’t expect was that they all came on my face and in my mouth at the same time getting my eyes, mouth, nose covered in delicious black cum. Right when I thought they were done, I guess the news broke out through the neighborhood and at the bar so there was a huge group of forty men all waiting to cum all over my face.

Thank god I’m such a cum eating whore because I am going to be eating lots of it.

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