Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster The mail man comes to my door to deliver a package, little did he know that he was going to leave with a little something to. Hubby was in the den looking over a magazine when all of the sudden he hears moans, slapping, and things crashing in the kitchen. As he walked over to the kitchen he then began to see me on my hands and knees getting pounded in my tight pink little ass by the mail man. He was pounding my ass so hard. As I moaned for more my husband began to get enraged, but oddly with a stiffy in his pants. He then takes his pants off and shoves that little dick of his in my mouth at the same time. I let them fuck my titis and my mouth and my ass. Needless to say the mail man is leaving with a cock empty of cum and covered in my creamy pussy cream, and  I think we will be inviting a lot more people over for fuck sessions. What can I say I like all of my holes stretched out at one time.

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