Cum dumpster

 cum dumpsterI went to a random hotel to meet up with a bunch of dudes with throbbing hard cocks. I put an add on Craigslist and offered up my whore services. I put my room number on there and told them to all cum and join me for a fun cock fest. I get there and there is already a line of guys coming out of my room. I get inside and lay down on a couch with my head hanging off the edge. I open my mouth and invite the first big fat cock of the night to come and pound away at my mouth. I open my pussy and ass and tell others to come and dig their cocks into me. I bounce up and down on those cocks, yanking and tugging all the cum out of them. I am nothing but a cum puddle.

I want everyone to discard of their cum right on me. I want to be sticky and wet and saturated in sperm. I beg for more cock once those ones are done. I look around and see other guys jerking their cocks while they are pointed at me. Locked and loaded. I am going to get hundreds of loads of cum. My ass and pussy are getting gaped open by the minute and stuffed with so much cum that it is pouring out of me. My face and white smooth skin is not moisturized with gallons of cum. I am going to need to snort some lines of cum up my nostrils. I love all this hot wet cum.

I am staying up all night and all day bathing in this warm cum juice. I am not going to wipe any of it off of me.

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