Dirty Cum Eater

Freaky Phone SexI am one of the freakiest sluts you will ever encounter. I love everything that is twisted and morbid, I am not for the faint of heart. One of my many neighbors that I fuck around with called me over by surprise. I went in and he commanded I get down and start eating the cum out his wife’s cunt and there was a lot. She must have had like 4 guys come in her. As I was bent down he started playing with my ass and was smacking it and I was trying to gulp all the come down and it was so good. I love eating sloppy seconds and thirds. Her hubby was fucking my pussy bareback I love the feeling of skin on skin. As he would fuck me it would push me further into her cream filled cunt. He then told me to go kiss her and let her taste all that jizz and as we were kissing he was jacking off on our faces and when he came he told us to lick it off each other’s faces.

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