Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

I love being fucked by two nasty hard cocks from the truck stop. When I get off work and I go dress up in my outfit to make money as the nasty lot lizard sucking every ones cock for money, I like to hope I can find a tag team to fuck the shit out of my nasty beat up pussy.  Some times I find them but majority of the time I only get one client at a time. One cock in my cunt in my asshole or cunt pounding away and then throwing money at me. But I am a nasty little slut that need to be filled to them brim. So having a double penetration by a team of truckers One in my asshole and one in my cunt as their sweaty nasty cocks rip me open by the seams and all you hear is slosh wet pussy grinding, grunting and moaning and me cumming hard while they pound away.

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