Lines of White Snow

Druggy phone sexI love two things more than anything else and that’s drugs and dick. They’re good apart from each other but together they’re spectacular. I do a few lines of coke and I feel like sucking and fucking complete strangers. With cocaine flowing through my veins, I become a sexual demon. Hold on, let me do a line…
Ok, I’m back. I need your cock right now. Come here and get between my thighs. I want to feel the weight of your body on top of mine. Hold my ass as you give me long strokes with your hard cock. Let’s get high and fuck all night long. Any position your dirty mind can come up with I’ll do. Because I could never tell you “no”. I want to make you happy. Come and get this tight wet pussy. Oh, I like it in the ass, too. Let me be your private porn star.

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