Back To School


Sorority Girls Fucking



School’s back and I am ready to whore like never before! You know I have zero interest
in going to classes regularly so I gotta go meet my new professors immediately. I walk into
your classroom and introduce myself. It’s no shock you do not know who I am off hand because, duh-
I haven’t been to a single class since the start of the year. You get frustrated at first
but then you can tell that I am rubbing my pussy on the corner of your desk. I offer the
obvious up onto the table, literally and figuratively- You get to fuck me all you want, when ever
you want and in exchange I do make A’s without a question. You try to fight it but
you cannot resist wanting a little idiot bimbo whore like me on your cock. We fucked everywhere
in that room- even right on top of the rest of your student’s essays and tests. Oops, guys- I
guess we really know who is actually the smartest after all. What time should I come by tomorrow,

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