Come Play With a Cum Dumpster!

cum dumpster

Do you want to hear about the time I was turned into a cum dumpster at the office holiday party? I hope so, because I’m in the mood to tell you all about it. See, I’d been fucking the boss for a while and I was getting kind of bored with just him. So I told him that if he wanted to keep fucking me, he would not cause a scene when I stood up in the middle of the party and offered my mouth, pussy, and asshole to anyone at the party who wanted a piece of me. He agreed and it made my pussy SO wet in anticipation.
So I bought new lingerie and I looked damn good in it. I excused myself from the party to go to the bathroom and when I came back, I was only wearing that lingerie, and my stockings and heels. Everyone just stopped what they were saying and doing and stared at me. That’s when I told them that they could come over and do anything and everything they wanted to do to me. And that’s why I laid down on the table and told them to come and get me. Call me for all of the nasty details. Let’s just say I went home covered and filled up with multiple loads of cum.

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