Come Hear How Nasty I Am.

stripper sex stories

My naughty stripper sex stories makes all the guys cocks fucking throb. They see me and they know right away that I’m a total fucking slut. I mean, I’m a stripper and I love to show off my tight sexy body. I wear tiny slutty little outfits and fuck me heels everywhere I go. Most of the time my nipples are even showing. So, when guys start talking to me they kind of expected me to be a whore. But sometimes, they’re a little shocked when I start telling them all the nasty and kinky stuff I do to men in the back room of the strip club I work at. I love the way their eyes get wide and I can see them start to sweat, That’s when I start rubbing their leg, letting my hand slide up to there cock and rub it, feeling it get hard in their pants. They want me so bad, I can see the desperation on their face. They need to fuck me. They need to make me into a fucking whore just like every other cock that has crossed my kinky path. I let them know that for the right price, anyone can get a taste of my sweet bald pussy. None of them can resist. They need to fuck me.

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