I Fucked my Boyfriend’s Dad While he Watched

Dirty phone sex

My boyfriend has a really small cock it makes me laugh and point at him often quite frankly I can’t take him seriously. His father has a bigger cock his cock is a steel rod, I always wanted to fuck him. I guess I’ve got to get that cock by any means yes, I’m a cock slut I need that cock now and my boyfriend has a little bitty peanut penis it’s gross it’s nasty and I can’t take it. So, I told him that I was going to fuck his father right in front of his face he told me don’t do it, but I didn’t care because I really need to cum instead of fake for a tiny pee pee. I’m tired of your little bitty itty-bitty dicky that thing is really nothing but your little cock twat that’s what it is and I’m about to fuck your dad, so bitch pay attention. You’re a fucking weakling and you can’t take this grown-up pussy. So, you’re going to have to watch me fuck old pops and I am going to fuck him now. My stupid small cock boyfriend didn’t believe me oh yeah, I had to show him that I was really doing this. I invited his dad over and I told him to come in my bedroom I had only my housecoat on, nothing else but my nice silky body. I took my housecoat off fell to my knees and I started suck Daddy’s massive cock like it was a piece of my favorite meat. He was in complete disbelief I could feel his knees trembling as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t there, but he was definitely on the way, so he could see me fucking his daddy good.


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