BBC phone sex

Us bitches here at the truck stop are very competitive! There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Reason why I host a lot of different contest so that there is a little something for everyone to get involved. This week I announced the biggest black cock hunt. All girls who are wanting to participate have to prove that they not only found the biggest black cock, but were able to make them cum by one of three ways. Either milking that BBC with their mouths, pussies, or asses. The pictures were pussy dripping hot, and that is one of the perks to being the judge! I sat and fucked my pussy with my big black dildo while I thumbed through the submissions. Making my pussy squirt all over and down my thighs. My hoe Shannon won this cocktest by filling both her ass and cunt with massive black cocks and taking both loads deep inside of her fuck holes. My sluts don’t mess around!

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