Chocolate lover

bbc sex stories

If you love Bbc sex stories well, hold on to your seat. I am all about being fucked by a big cock and didn’t have my first chocolate dick till recently. Oh my, was I missing out on some fun fucking. I can’t believe how delicious big black cock is in its entirety. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I locked my eyes with my first one. I have always been interested in fucking a big juicy black dick, but I didn’t get my wish till recently when I met the perfect guy. He wanted no commitments. He wanted a big tit sexy slut who would be ready to fuck and want no strings attached. Honestly hoe can I say no to that? It’s the dream to invoke that type of pleasure. I was so ready to take on that challenge. I wanted to be pounced and used like a dirty slut. We would smoke some weed, drink some Hennessy and fuck for hours and then say goodbye.

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