Carmel Gets Dickmatized

black stripper sexI’m going to the titty bar tonight to shake my ass. I haven’t talked to my ex in a while. I haven’t seen him anywhere actually for almost a year. It was just one night I was stripping in the club and it was my turn to go on stage. So I got up to do my number. Wasn’t too many people sitting at the stage. Then I see a man approached the seats around stage and sat down. He had a baseball cap won’t so I couldn’t really see his face. I got closer walked up to him with a big smile on my face. I almost fell over in my high heels it was my ex-boyfriend I was so embarrassed. I know didn’t want him to know I was a stripper now. I was hoping that he wouldn’t think that I was still a whore. We ended up leaving the club and going back to his place. He fucked me all night and I think I’m dick-ma-tized.

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