Blonde Stripper Wants To Devour Your Cum

Stripper sex storiesYou knew the moment I came on the stage exactly what I was. My blonde hair was a mess, my clothes haphazardly on, and in less than a minute I was naked, unlike the other girls who take a bit more time. You knew I wasn’t on stage for the money, I was advertising my body cause after the show I’m looking to party. Just another whore off the streets looking to be used. Now your cock is aching to get me alone, it’s obvious I’m not a nice girl. I’m the girl you get to fuck and abuse any way you want. Throw a hundred at me and I’m just a cheap whore that considers a mouth full of cum a tip. When I see that hungry look in your eyes I’m aware in about twenty minutes I’ll be on all fours performing a whole different job for you. I’ll meet you in the back really soon.

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