Carmel Delight

black stripper sexWant to know why they call me carmel delight? Because I am a tasty treat in the strip club. A couple of guys in the strip club have payed good money just to eat my pussy. It is amazing how men get obsessed with me so quickly. I will be in the dressing room putting on my sexy outfit and there are guys on the outside demanding to talk to me. I really am a player. I will tease and deny. I think that some of the guys are jealous of the man I show the most attention to in the club. He is a baller. And always well dressed. I sometimes let him take me home after the club. But I still have yet to sleep with him. I know hes waiting for a chance to fuck me. But I want to see how long I can drag it out for. I was surprised one night he brought me roses before I got  of my shift that night. I finally let him fuck me in a nice hotel that evening. But of course I made some good bank.

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