Bringing The Tail To The Party

phone sex line cleo1What better way to prepare for the Super Bowl then to get busy in the kitchen totally nude? I am hosting an indoor Tail Gating Party at my house this Sunday! Not only am I providing the food, I am providing the tail. While I prepare the goodies for the game I am thinking of games we can play during commercials, in between quarters and at half time. Plus a fun drinking game for while the ball game is in progress.
I am going to hang hula hoops at one end of the room and buy a nerf football. At half time and during commercials my guests will take turns trying to toss the football through the hoops, If they make it they can have anything they want from their naked host.
I have two games to play while the game is on, one is a drinking game. I will choose a word that is taboo. Any one that says that word has to take a drink. The other is a sex game of hot potato. I have a special nerf ball that the boys will pass around. The passing starts when the team sets at the line and end at the end of the play. Whoever holds the ball gets a blowjob, but still has to participate in the hot potato game while getting their dick sucked until the end of the next play.
I think my super bowl party is going to be a great success!

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