Lets have some fun!

extreme phone sexI want to have fun with you tonight, I want a wild party with all types of juices, I want to get some stupid sluts and take advantage of them. I wanna get messy with them and not let them see tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who we pick, we can snatch her up so easily she won’t even see it coming! I love degrading them, and to do that you have to make them do things they would never do unless they were being forced  to do so. I will force her to drink your piss, if she spits it up I’ll cut her deep, I love playing with their blood as much as I love watching them lay in our juices. Piss and shit covering her naked body. Soon it will be mixed with blood and cum and we will make her lick it all up after we are done taking turns fucking all her holes raw. Maybe I’ll fuck her with my knife? Wouldn’t that make a delicious bloody mess! And don’t worry she won’t live to tell anyone of the ‘horrible things’ we did to her… no she won’t even be making it to tomorrow. This party is the messiest one yet, but I am sure to try and top it!

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