Black as the Night

BBC Sex Stories

Growing up in a trailer park was full of interesting sexual experiences, you might not think so but being a sexy young girl in a community of hot hardworking men with barely any pussy around made it easy to get fucked. I lot of the men would work as truck drivers by day and come home frustrated at night. One night when I when out to smoke there was a sexy black guy walking back home, I was in my nighty and he saw my hard nipples in the moonlight. He knew what I was after instantly. I could see his huge dick barely fit in his jeans, I slid of my robe and he caressed my milky white skin with his big strong black hands. I knew I wanted him to cum inside me right then. I brought him inside my trailer while my mama was passed out on the couch, he followed me to the bed where I bent over for him to rail me. It was amazing how big his dick felt inside me, I almost couldn’t take it. He held onto my hips and fucked me hard into the mattress. It wasn’t long before I was filled with his cum load.

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