Big Dicker Sucker Settles for Any Dick on Quarantine

big dick suckerA big dick sucker without a big dick is the story of quarantine life. I can handle monster cocks. I prefer them, but I am a whore, so I won’t be a size queen during a nation wide shut in. My son has an average cock and so do most of his friends. So, do most of my neighbors. I know because I have run through all the cock at my immediate disposal since this quarantine hit. I have been on the search for a big dick in my trailer park. I have yet to find a monster cock in my trailer park, but last night I found a decent sized dick on a barely legal boy. He was just as bored as I was, so he came over to fuck. I take what action I can get these days. What he lacked in length, he made up for in effort. He was not a virgin, but he had no game. Likely, he had just never fucked a trashy milf before. I like to think I gave him some swagger. I know I made his toes curl. The young stud made my pussy squirt and not every big dick can do that. He loves to eat pussy. I didn’t have to ask or guide him between my legs. He went down like the Titanic all on his own. He was eager to please me. I was eager to be pleased. He was not what I was expecting as a lover. I am used to black lovers just fucking me like a wild animal in heat. There is little foreplay. My barely legal stud took his time. He cared about my pleasure. He wanted to make me cum, and he did many times over. Maybe size isn’t everything after all. My young lover made up for his shortcomings tenfold.

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