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I enjoyed every minute of his big dick caving in my tight rigid pink walls.. My mom didn’t agree, Blue told me she was just jealous.. I back talked my mom and she threw me out when I was a sophomore in high-school. Joe moved me into one of his homes he held his goods in and taught me how to be the best Big dick sucker while running “Game.” Eventually I became his bottom bitch and started recruiting younger girls to work for him. We made so much money Friday and Saturday nights at the Harrah’s. That daddy upgraded us by getting Brazilian butt lifts, Breasts implants and Body sculpting regimes.. Then he opened up a strip club in Vegas called Girl Collection Gentlemen’s club. A lot of guys who often call me either recognize me from that strip club or the porn videos I’ve made. I would say i used my throat to get where I am today haha.. It earned me a new sexy body and a share of a very popular strip club.. While I lay back with perverts and masturbate with a horny man on my Sexline.

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