knocked up by the dealer

cum filled cunt

My drug dealer will be so happy because I expect a tiny tot. Now I will enjoy so much coke and be a party slut forever. The deal was if I let him fill me up and leave with a cum filled cunt I’d get a good chunk of money.

That was the first part of the deal, but now that I am knocked up, there’s a second part. He promised me a very relaxing deal. So the plan is to get Knocked Up, get a big fat check, and be awarded so much more.

As a little Colombian girl who grew up in the projects and came to this country barely knowing a sentence of English at a very tender age, pretty much-fighting poverty till my mom could whore herself out to get us in a new place in life.

It’s been hard, but it’s also been so much fun. You know what I did was I decided to fit in. So partying and being a fuck slut was how I got accustomed to this new place.

In Colombia, I’d always have fun with the dealers when I would go back home as a teen for the summers. The stakes are so much better here now in Miami. It’s a whole new world. I love to get fucked while I am high as hell.

I indeed have a bun in the over. Now that I am pregnant, I hope it’ll be a little girl to train, and my dealer will want to keep them coming.

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