Big Dick Sucker Reputation Means I Never Say No to Sucking Dick

big dick suckerI have the reputation as a big dick sucker. Men from all over the state seek me out when other women fail to swallow their monster cocks. I was home alone Friday night when I got a text that some black man was looking for me at the truck stop. I was curious. The description did not fit any man I knew. I put on some daisy duke shorts and a tube top and went down to meet the man who was asking about me. He was a tall drink of chocolate milk. Fine as fuck. Beef cake of a beautiful black man. He had my pussy purring at hello. He got my name from Big D this trucker I bang often. He told me that he heard I was the finest cock sucking trailer trash whore around. Told me he had 14-inches of cock meat no bitch has been able to handle yet. I am not just some random bitch. I am a cock sucking aficionado. Never met a cock I could not suck yet. This skinny blond whore took his entire monster meat down her throat. I mean balls deep. It looked like a swallowed a snake. My throat was extended. My cheeks were puffy. My eyes were bulging. My eyes were watering. That is because he had an anaconda cock. Not only was he over a foot long, but he was also as thick as a beer can. Super fucking thick. But I take pride in being a huge dick sucker, so I was going to show him what this blonde fucking whore could really do with his monster fuck meat. I swallowed his sword with a huge smile on my face. It was not easy, but I did it. I love a challenge, plus he was a referral. I was not about to fail my reputation. He told me he has a lot of hung friends and he will send them my way. I was so happy that I pleased that monster cock. I am still the big cock sucking reigning champ.

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