Big Dick Sucker on Campus

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. My mouth was hungry for cock last night. It is always hungry for cock, but last night it wanted an army of cocks. Normally, when I want to suck a bunch of dicks, I put on a skanky outfit and shake my skinny ass at the truck stop. All the truckers come out to play. Last night, I was feeling adventurous for something different. Colleges are back in session, so I decided to see if there were any frat boys down to party on a Friday night with an old whore. The first frat house I walked by was more than willing to party with this trashy milf. In fact, they cat called me inside as I walked by. I didn’t need to make the first move. Some of the coeds had a “what the fuck look” on their faces as I walked in wearing sluttier clothes than them. Even though I was old enough to be their mama, I was certainly not going to act like their mama. I chugged some beer, then I chugged cock. I out sucked all the fucking coeds combined. Those young girls needed to learn a thing or two from an old cum whore like me. I gave them some coke to help them relax because there was plenty of dick to be sucked. I could have sucked them all, but these coeds reminded me of my daughter. I love sharing dick with her. It took only a line each before all the coeds there were on the floor with me, enjoying a frat boy blow bang and a large circle jerk. I spent the night. Woke up cover in cum like an old cum dumpster. I did my first walk of shame home to my trailer this morning. I must remember to go back to college more often.

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