Big dick sucker gets the best new trick daddy

I love when being a Big dick sucker gets me a new money daddy. Especially when the old one hasn’t given me what I want. I love to get high and get money so if you don’t give me that, I don’t need you. So, when my last trick daddy paid me to suck a big dick in front of him, I knew I was ready to be his hooker slut. “If you give me what I need to party and have fun, I will fuck and suck any dick you want”.

Big dick sucker

Then he pulls his wallet out and gives me a stack of money and a baggy of blow. “Is this enough for you to fuck his big dick?” he asks.  “This is a great way to start if you want to keep me” I say happily and eagerly. After doing a few lines of blow my body got going and I was ready to fuck any cock he will bring to me. “Suck his cock again” he says as he rubs some blow on my asshole. “You will use all your holes tonight and I will watch”. “Anything you pay me for” I say giggling.

After I start tasting pre-cum coming from his cock, I bend over right in front of him. “Fuck her asshole and make her into our personal Anal cum dumpster” my new trick daddy says as he strokes his cock. Since my asshole was numb it was easy for him to shove his big dick inside me. “You are a good paid whore” is all he says as he pounds my asshole. Then my new trick starts fucking my mouth. After a while they both filled me up. I had so much nut dripping out my asshole that my new trick daddy was very happy and pleased.

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