Big dick sucker, big load taker

Big dick sucker

Come over, sit down, and lay down…whatever makes you the most comfortable. Let me take that zipper down and slide your pants and boxers down.

Hmm, look at that big fat cock. I know you can fuck for hours…but can you get blown for that long too? Or will you give out and cum down my throat. I must warn you I am pretty talented at blow jobs. I love to deep throat and I love having hands on my head pushing me down, making my jaw spread. Feel the head of your big stiff rod hitting my tonsils, my throat muscles closing and opening around you. I want you to shoot a load in my mouth, a big load. I want to suck it all out, and lick it off everywhere. Down your balls, to you taint and…oh my, did some dribble down over your asshole. I’ll be slurping that up as well. Yes I am trying to make you hard again for another blow job.

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