Backseat Love

Druggy porn

I was at the club in the restroom doing lines of coke off the back of a toilet. I stepped out of the stall feeling like I was on cloud nine. Coke makes me feel so alive. I felt like the sexiest bitch in the club. I’m beautiful so I drink for free. I dance provocatively because I know eyes are on me. I was so high and feeling so good when he grabbed me close. His name was Adam and he whispered in my ear that he wanted me. I saw that he was a sexy muthafucker and all of a sudden I wanted him, too. I grabbed his hand and led him out of the club. We got in the backseat of my car, I pulled his dick out and started sucking. His pre-cum tasted like honey. I sucked his cock with the strength of a Oreck vacuum. He gripped my hair with one hand, guiding my mouth up and down his shaft. With his other hand he put a fingers in my wet pussy. Sucking his cock was fun but I need more than a fingers in my pussy, I wanted cock. I sat on his hard cock and rode him so hard my car shook. It felt so good having my tits pressed against his hard chest. I bounced on his cock and he moaned for me to slow down, but I couldn’t because it felt too good. I put my hands behind me on his knees and rocked my pussy back and forth. Faster and faster, I grinded on his hard cock. All of a sudden he held my body tightly, thrust his hips up and shot cum deep inside me. We exchange numbers, but it was a one night stand. He’ll never hear from me again.

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