Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick sucker cougarAs a big dick sucker, the day following Thanksgiving I was in the need for a shit ton of gravy. I had my son’s boy gravy yesterday, but he headed back to school today and I woke up wanting seconds and thirds. Lots of horny college boys seem to be home for the holidays in my community so I put on a sexy little number, some high heels and sent out texts to the neighbor boys. You catch a lot of flies with some sexy pics. Within 20 minutes of a group text that simply said “I need some leftovers,” I had a line of horny boys waiting to make me their cum dumpster. They knew exactly what I needed and were happy to provide it. I was on my knees in the kitchen for hours swallowing loads of jizz from horny men half my age. Some so young still, I couldn’t even buy them a drink legally. I don’t care about that shit. If you can produce cum, I will guzzle it down. I had so much cum in my mouth today, I was able to spit some out in a gravy bowl to serve over my leftovers tonight. I wonder if my daughter will be able to tell I switched gravy from last night. No gravy I could make would ever be as tasty as boy gravy.

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