Big Dick Sucker and BBC Lover

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly was on the prowl this weekend for big cocks. When you need cum like most women need air or water, its simple math. You can blow a few big black cocks, or you can blow a few dozen white men to equal the same amount of jizz. Why suck twelve small ones when I can suck two fat juicy anacondas? Big D, my drug hookup, was traveling with a friend this weekend. He often has a rookie learning the route with him and when he does, he is always black and down to fuck an old white skank like me.  When you have been sucking cock as long as I have, you want a cock that is a challenge. I can swallow a 5-inch dick with the balls and still be able to talk clearly. Now, give me Big D’s monster dong and his friend’s 10 incher, and I am gagging, slobbering and rendered speechless. It is just how I like it. I would suck and ride Big D’s huge cock for free because it is one of the best cocks in the world. The fact that he gives me some blow in exchange is just icing on the cake.  I was in heaven sucking on not one, but two big black dicks. I did more than suck those cocks too. I rode them until my pussy tuckered out, which was 16 hours later. Yep, those dicks stayed hard for hours to fuck me. By the time I left, I was a total cum dumpster. Two black guys cum more than an army of white guys. Cum was running down my thighs into my toes. I had cum drying under my big tits. Cum was leaking out my ass too. I may be walking funny today, but I ain’t complaining. If anything, I am bragging! Girls wish they could handle two anacondas at once like me.

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