Big Dick Sucker and Ball Drainer

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker has its perks. I love cum. And when a big dick meets the right dick sucker, he unleashes a lot of cum. Cum he didn’t even know he had in his balls. My trailer park had a community Fourth of July cook out. It was a bunch of rednecks like me drinking beer and lighting off fireworks. Around 3 am, only a few of us were still standing. One of the men still standing was Jared. He is a thirty something married man. His wife is a stripper. Fucking gorgeous too. She was working late because holidays are big bucks in her line of work. The rumor has always been that Jared has a big dick, especially for a white guy. I never put the moves on him because his wife is hot as fuck. Not only is she a stripper but she is soon to be a Playboy centerfold. When that happens, I am sure they will leave this trailer park. Jared and I got to talking and I discovered his wife won’t give head. A stripper who won’t suck cock? He said she claims she has an easy gag reflex and doesn’t want to puke on his dick. I joked that I have almost no gag reflex and I love to puke on cocks. The next thing I knew, we were at my place titty fucking. I told him I was a cum dumpster whore and loved to swallow. He had not had a proper ball draining in a few years. This was charity head! Of course, as a cum whore, I benefited from the ball draining because he had a ton of cum backed up in those balls. By the time he left I was covered in his jizz. Hey, if your wife won’t drain your balls, this cougar will.

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