Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI taught my daughter to be a big dick sucker, just like my mother taught me. Cock sucking skills are more important than math skills for women. We can get away with murder if we can give great head. Hell, most men will tell you even bad head is better than no head and so many men in this world are getting zero head. Seems like women get married and the first skill they forget is how to give a great blow job.  Our cock sucking skills got us out of orange jump suits this week. I was speeding. We were jamming in the car with the sunroof down to some Lynyrd Skynyrd oblivious to the word. The speeding wasn’t the problem, neither was the open beer bottles we were sipping on. The real issue would have been the couple kilos of cocaine and the pound of weed in the trunk. Girls got to get through the holidays, right?

trailer trash whoreWhen I saw the sirens, I looked at my daughter and explained we could either pull a Thelma and Louise, or we could suck and fuck our way out of this trouble. We went with the latter. We tugged our dresses down to reveal some ample cleavage, pulled them up to show some sexy leg and applied pink lip gloss. The cop had an instant boner, so I knew we were safe. With one hand I gave him my license, with the other I unzipped his pants. That cop was packing more heat in his pants than in his holster. I started blowing him, he started moaning. My daughter got him in the passenger side so he could sit down so this trailer trash whore could come around to blow him off the highway. My daughter joined in. I know he saw the beer bottles and smelled the weed, but  he never searched the car, nor did he give me a ticket. He just shot a big load in my mouth, ordered me to snowball his load with my daughter and let us off with a warning. If you can suck a big dick, you can get away with anything.

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