Big Dick Sucker

big dick sucker

I’ve seen a lot of cock in my day – some white, some black and some in-between but everyone knows black cock is the biggest cock and I came across the biggest and fattest dick I’d ever laid my eyes on just a couple hours ago. He even made me call him Daddy – what’s hotter than that? I was his little slut that needed to be punished. He made me gag so hard on his cock that I puked everywhere even. But he was far from done with his stupid little slut! He called me a whore and pushed my legs past my head as I took his cock deep into my cunt. He slammed it in and suddenly his friend was sliding his cock down my throat too. It ended with me getting my ass fucked and my face covered in cum as he finished his load in my ass and went for round two on my horny pussy. He was high and that massive huge cock of his the biggest one I’d ever seen was far from done with me.

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