You know I was dirty for Mardi Gras!

toilet sexFor Mardi Gras can you imagine what I did? I wasn’t just flashing my tits for beads like the other sluts, I wanted to see how far my naughty and dirty actions could take me. I didn’t want just silly beads, I wanted to see what else I could get and just have a lot of fun…I went to where I knew the dirtiest man could be found – an owner of a pizza shop. I knew I could get a whole meal and a place to stay for my trip as we had some fun together. I wasn’t wrong either! He was down to get dirty with me – right in his kitchen. I probably would advise not to eat that food considering all the piss and shit that was being pushed out all over each other – not to mention is hot load that he finished all over my face. Mmm, it was quite the dirty and naughty time with him. Just fucking like crazy and giving each other the hot loads we both needed and craved. It was so hot, and it was worth all the stuff I got out of it!

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