Best road trip ever!

live phone sexI had to go back home for my mother’s birthday last week and since I hate flying, that meant I was in for a 20 something hour road trip. I didn’t want to go all by myself, that would be so boring and what if I fell asleep or broke down or something? I just didn’t feel safe so I asked several of my guy friends to go with me. It was the best trip ever! I had four guys to share the driving with me and four eager cocks to suck and fuck! I spent the whole trip taking turns fucking these guys… it was so much fun… it really made the time fly by! The fun didn’t stop once we got to my mom’s place either, she’s just as big a slut as I am so these guys definitely were taken care of the whole time… by the end they were begging us for rest! I am really starting to think I may be addicted to cock!

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