The Dealer’s Bitch

BBC Phone Sex

Sometimes I love my life for the little moments. Like when I get home after a long day of turning tricks and am just itching for a fix. Then I see the big, black, god I only know as the provider. He’s naked, his cock already hard and dripping with pre-cum. “Good day?” he asked, I just nodded. Watching his cock, I knew what he was doing and my pussy was already so wet in anticipation. My hands shook as I took out the loose bills, I didn’t know how much I made that day. I never do, I never count. He only smiled as he watched me put the messy wads of cash on the counter, he spread a long white line against his cock. From base to tip, the pre cum making just the last little bit fizzle and disappear. I know exactly what he wants me to do and I fall to my knees in front of him. Running my nose from the base of his cock I breathed in all that magical powder, I could feel it run through me like electricity and I was a very happy girl indeed. I licked up whatever I missed, wanted to suck his cock. Feel his cum on my tongue and shoved deep in my throat. He had other ideas though. “Woah girl.” he chuckled, noticing how dilated my eyes already were. “You can suck my cock clean, but I have other ideas for you.” he grinned. Pulling me up by my hair I was straddling his lap. He tore away my panties, ran his cock head over my dripping pussy just long enough to get it wet, smacking my ass when I tried to push down. Impale myself on him. “Overeager slut. I want to make you scream” he promised, his cock head moving towards my unlubed ass. “Fuck yourself on it. Put it all the way in.” He smacked me again as I hesitated. “Who does your fucking cunt belong to?” I gasped. “You!” I cried out. Knowing it was true. “And if you want to keep being fed, you fuck me the way I want to be fucked.” I nodded, pushing myself onto his hard cock. Crying out, tears in my eyes, as his wide shaft was forced past tight and unprepared muscles. “It hurts!” I sniffed, his hands moving to my hips now that he was inside of my ass. He pulled me down hard, all the way so he was buried deep inside me. I screamed, unable to help it. It hurt so bad that not even my high was helping. He didn’t care though, fucking me hard and long. Using the blood from my ripped asshole to lube me. I was his fucking whore, his cum dump, his toy to be used however his cock saw fit. He just had to remind me with a bloody and cum filled ass.

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