Be My Sugar Daddy

Cum dumpsterI want a rich man to fall so fuckin deeply in love with me that he let’s me take total financial control of his wallet so that I can spoil myself and do whatever the fuck I wanna do with his hard earned money! Just like the true cum dumpster that I am, this drug habit of mine isn’t gonna support itself so therefore I desire a wealthy loser who will let me walk all over him in order to take what I want and need, all at his expense! Treating and spoiling a sexy slut like me is the utmost privilege and any man would be lucky as fuck to have me as their hott sexy sugar princess. Even better is when I can add my kinky girlfriends to your list of funded whores. We love getting fucked up and going on shopping sprees all on your dime. You spare no penny and your main motive is to keep us high and horny! We’re gonna go out to dinner and get drunk as fuck so that when we get home we can have your dick for dessert!

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