BBC sex stories with Ellen and Vinny

BBC sex stories

Walking the street tonight this nice ass car pulled up to me. When the back window of that black car rolled down I saw this sexy bald cunt with three big black fingers deep inside of her as she sucked his big thick nigger cock. He asked me how much to join them for the night. We settled on some blow and a few hundred dollars. Vinny was the sexy white bitch taking that big thick cock down her throat. I love nigger dick and I knew right away Vinny and I were going to have fun. I started sucking his balls and licking his asshole as she sucked his cock.

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I moved my body next to hers and started licking her pussy and asshole. I tongue fucked her gaping asshole until she came all over my face. She pulled me up and shoved his big thick cock in my mouth and pushed my head down on his cock. She started eating my cunt as I choked on his thick cock. She got my good and ready to get my pussy blown out by that big thick nigger dick. I wanted it all, every fucking inch inside of me. I wanted his spunk load so deep inside of me!

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