phone sex line cleoI got a job as a secretary and am finally making some legit money. Last week I fucked up some paper work. I thought that looking sexy and giving the bosses something to lust after would make up for any mess ups but apparently I was wrong.
Today the boss called me into his office and sat me down. After telling me how much money my fuck up cost him and the partners he made me undress to keep my job.
Before I knew it all four partners and my boss were in one room and I had a lot to do to be able to keep my job. They filled all my holes with dicks and made me the cum dumpster that I was before I got this legit job.
By the time they were done I had cum everywhere and a red hot ass from being spanked.
Just when I thought I had done everything they wanted and would be able to keep my job, they threw my clothes at me and ordered me out of the office and fired.
I had to walk through the lobby with all the employees looking at my naked, cum covered body so they would know what fate would meet them if they fucked up.
Guess I am back to being the trailer park whore and fucking for money.

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