BBC sex stories The Queen of Spades

BBC sex storiesI heard a rumor that if you were a white girl and wore a queen of spades somewhere that was easy to see it showed black men that you were their slave and they could do whatever they wanted to you.

So I found a shirt with a big fucking spade on the back and I used fabric paint and put a Q in the middle and went out drinking. I was so excited, my pussy was soaked. I was glad I didn’t wear panties or pants, I wanted to make it easy to be used by my new black masters.

I didn’t have to wait long before I felt a big hand on my shoulder. I turned and saw a giant of a man behind me. He was literally black and I nearly creamed myself there at the bar when he nodded his head back towards the bathroom.

Of course I followed him. Not even noticing how dingy and gross this dive’s bathroom was. I just wanted to see his cock so bad and when he pulled out that massive cock I was on my knees. Sucking, licking, worshiping that fucking club of a cock. He tried to force it down my throat, making me gag on it and see stars before he pulled away. Making me gasp for breath and ruining my makeup with tear streaked mascara and smudged red lipstick.

It wouldn’t let me suck him off though, sadly, and stood me up leaning me against the counter so I could watch myself as he lined up his cock head with my tight little pink asshole. He didn’t ask, he didn’t care, I was a warm hole for his cock and he just picked his favorite and I loved it. He stretched my ass so wide it couldn’t be anything but pleasure and pain, pumped me full of his nigger cum and left me skirt up, makeup smeared, and dripping his cum from my ass. I didn’t have to wait long though for another man to enter the bathroom, he looked surprised at first and then saw my shirt and smiled. Pulling out his hardening cock. This was going to be a very fun night indeed.

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