BBC Sex Stories – The Pianist

BBC sex storiesI had my first trip to a jazz club last night. There was a completely gorgeous piece of man-meat sitting at the grand piano in the front corner of the stage. Well, being my gloriously unashamed self, I invited myself up onto the stage and started dancing for them. The pianist’s attention was all mine, now. I worked my way around to dance near him, even finding my way onto the piano at one point, like you see them do in movies. After that set, he excused himself. I excused myself to the restroom. It wasn’t long before he found me. He bent me over the toilet in one of the stalls, plunged his monstrous shaft into my ass, grabbed one hip and my cock, and started a vigorous fuck-fest. We spent his entire break fucking in that bathroom. We didn’t even stop when people came in, just did our best to be fucking quiet. My ass hole was almost 2 sizes bigger once we were done, but I swear, that was one of the best fucks I’ve had in a bit. I invited him back to my place after work. Here’s hoping that he comes!!

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