Ella and Memphis sitting in a tree…F. U. C. K. I. N. G

2 girl phone sexFuckin’-A today was epic! One of my best girls had this super horny regular with a special request of watching us fuck each other. So of course I went right over! I never pass up a chance to get Ella’s big, juicy cock into one of my holes!

As soon as I got through the door, I was stripping her sexy body naked. She wasn’t wasting time getting mine off, either. We kept kissing and groping. As soon as the offensive clothing was out of the way I grabbed her big, perfect tits while she pulled my nipple in her hot mouth. My pussy was instantly dripping wet. I grabbed her hard shaft, enjoying the soft flesh covered hardness. Ella started finger fucking my very ready cunt, and we lost our fucking minds!


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I wanted anything in my snatch I could get of hers, I started to grab the back of her head to face fuck her with my box, but she had way better plans. Effortlessly she threw me over, and  slammed her delicious cock into my pussy. I came right away! She started fucking the shit out of my cunt, She surprised me by pulling out, shoving her hand into my pulsing cunt, and plowing her dick into my puckered asshole. I yelped, but it felt so fucking good being so full of her! I came all over her hand over, and over again. Her regular was really getting off on watching Ella fuck the hell out of me, and I they both squirted massive loads of jizz at the same time.

I fucking love it when Ella gives me a call!

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